Resources available for selection

The most popular resources used in personnel recruitment by ENJOY Recruitment Latvia 

» Use of contacts and recommendationsResources for selection

Our employees take an active part in different chambers of commerce (Great Britain, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, and USA) where engineers of various levels can be met: the ones, who are involved in projects in Latvia, work in different enterprises and Latvians living abroad.

By performing different level recruitment projects, we deliberately make contacts with the professionals of the field; their suggestions are used during the study of potential clients.

» Our confidential database and other publicly available chargeable databases (e.g.,, , etc.) 

» Specialised partners

» Recommendations from universities’ and teachers: involvement of school leavers who are professionals/specialists in their field

» Direct call with a story; active jobseekers who have worked or work at a company of a specific specialisation are invited to interviews in order to inquire the potential candidates for a given position 

» Social networks 

» Other sources (the Internet, industry associations, publications etc.)

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