DISC Personality Analysis 

DISC is the lead personnel evaluation tool in the world being used by more than 40 million people. It has helped to increase quality and productivity which are so important factors in working places.

DISC is a four quadrant behavior model based on Dr. William Moulton Marston’s research on person’s behavior in a particular environment and specific situation. The evaluation of personality using DISC method establishes four behavior types. Mainly they are focused on person’s behavior advantages and style.

How does this method work?

Evaluation is classified in four behavior aspects, testing person’s desires and advantages in association with the adjectives and situations in particular environment.

D – Dominance –corresponds to control, power and self-confidence

I – Influence – concerning social situation and communication

S – Steadiness – as for patience, persistence and delicacy

C – Compliance – with regard to structure in the organization and performance of job duties

These four dimensions can be grouped in a grid with 

DISC"D" and "I" behavior types in the upper row where extrovert personality aspects are represented, and 

"C" and "S" behavior types below where introvert personality aspects are represented. Parts

"D" and "C" on the left column shows on tasks oriented personality aspects, but parts 

"I" and "S" on the right column represent social personality aspects.

Different personality testing methods are used for candidates’ evaluation, combination of methods in order to get the maximal efficiency and clarify the personality’s correspondence to client’s vacancy.

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